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your neurodivergent grief coach

contact me to help you work through your grief. let me help you reclaim your body and soul.

hi, i'm eva (she/her/fae)! I am autistic/adhd

and with this special power, i help you take care of your mind and spirit

solve your issues in a one on one telehealth environment

how we work together

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to book a session, we will meet at a time good for both of us.

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60 min


individual consultation sliding scale available. send me a message!

about me

i am a(n)...



grief coach

sea elf

animal lover

studying astrologer (natal and synastry)

opossum rehabber

amateur mycologist and medicinal mushroom farmer

education volunteer at pinniped (marine mammal) rehab

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who i can help best:

my main area of interest in grief coaching is bereavement

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